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Digital Transformation

The fastest-growing companies are undergoing Digital Transformation: they are enabling themselves to use the power of the cloud.Digitally driven businesses aren’t the new normal; they’re the new mandatory.

I.T. Transformation

Transforming your IT comes down to modernising your infrastructure so that it can support highly automated processes. Achieving this enables very fast delivery of technology services to your organisation and your customers.

Security Transformation

One of the biggest accelerators to growth is the ability to protect and secure growing amounts of critical data. We address this with solutions that are resilient, adaptable and unified. This frees you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Workforce Transformation

People expect technology to help them get more done faster and collaborate in a natural, seamless way. It’s what’s required for organisations to compete and succeed. You can do more than keep up with this exciting trend. You can lead it.

About us

Cloud Services 247 are a Scottish company based in Glasgow who are proud to serve the U.K. We have the energy to drive digital transformation and generate real results every day for the customers and people who partner with us. We believe in, and value, our customers. We perform better, are smarter and have more fun working as a team than as individuals. We offer a jargon free review of Businesses with a fair price promise so we can help your business grow.

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Cloud Services 247 can manage G Suite for your domain

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Cloud Services 247

We excel in

Cloud Services

Businesses are beginning to turn to Cloud solutions because the cloud stores your information as an additional form of backup and allows you to access your business anytime, anywhere. Utilizing the cloud is fast, easy and extremely user-friendly.

Desktop Services and Hardware

WE OFFER: Virus Removal-Diagnostics-Computer Repairs and replacements-PC Optimization-Computer Tune-ups-Data Backup-Preventative Maintenance Training

24/7 I.T. Support

We can not only provide remote I.T. support for your workstation, server and network. we will also provide emergency onsite support which will help your business be more effective.

G Suite

Gsuite will use gmail sending emails safely and securely. We can manage your admin accounts, add users, manage devices, and configure security and settings

Custom Web Sites

CS_247 use a combination of high-quality graphical design and new-generation programming to create dynamic, effective and beautiful sites.

Network Installs

We are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of voice, security and data cabling. Whether you are looking for just one additional outlet or a large scale project we can help.

What we promise

We excel in

Super Fast Cloud Agility
Desktop Services and Hardware
24/7 Friendly I.T.Support
Data and Asset Security
Mobile Device Management
Awesome Unique Design
G Suite Management
Application Services
Network Installs and Management

Cloud Services 247.uk

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